3 Expedition Vehicles win "OUTSTANDING IN CLASS"

These 3 Vehicles won


at the British Car show in Cincinnati Ohio.

On July 16th, Team members James R., Christi H., Toby R., and Chris R., braved the threat of severe thunderstorms and presented three of the expeditions vehicles at the British car show. To say there wasn't anything close to our vehicles was an understatement!

Reaction to the vehicles were mixed, some wanted to know why they were decked out and others thought all of the "stuff" was just decorations, but all were dumb struck when they saw the inside of the vehicles and the over 55 individual customization’s. James thoroughly enjoyed explaining the technical side of his "tweaks" to the Rovers and Christi enjoyed seeing the delight on the faces of little children as they peaked inside.

Everyone was very supportive of our mission and most gave generously to our charities through donation Water Jugs we had set out. It was an overall positive experience and many people expressed they would be following the expedition online and wanted to take the two week water challenge. The team won a grill as a door prize which will be raffled off at our launch event on Aug 9th at Land Rover Dayton and were excited as it was announced they had won "Outstanding" in their class of vehicles. Although the team braved torrential rains for an hour, the day was cut short when a huge thunderstorm rolled in and the show called it quits and so the team packed up and headed home.

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